What People Say about Lisa and Jeff

Lisa and Jeff are beyond superb! They are clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced realtors, they pay tremendous attention to detail, and their genuine interest and care in their clients was more than apparent as they worked with me and my wife on successfully finding a home. It's not a business transaction for them - they truly care and are driven to help! I can't say enough good things about my experience with Lisa and Jeff - in an extremely difficult environment for buyers, we were able to find our dream home and managed to fend off multiple competitive offers to make the home ours. We simply would not have succeeded in getting the home if it weren't for Lisa and Jeff. I have the utmost respect and deepest gratitude for them - many, many thanks!

-Robert B.

I recently visited one of Lisa and Jeff’s listings and their listing presentation chart was out of this world! It was truly an informative piece covering different analysis, the nearby homes that had recently sold in the area, lease activity for consumers who were looking to purchase the home as an investment, HOA and Tax information, the neighborhood schools along with their ratings, some of their preferred lenders offering a free appraisal. I’ve been a real estate professional for almost 10 years and I’ve never seen anything like that! It literally blew me away. I almost wanted to hire Lisa and Jeff to sell my own home!

-Estefany O.

My brother and I just completed the sale of our condo in the Rancho San Joaquin area of Irvine, CA and am very happy with the results. Lisa and Jeff guided us through selling an older condo that had several challenges, yet we were able to get top dollar during a difficult period (over Xmas). Their professional advice (two for one!), communication, and performance was excellent and we always felt very comfortable working with them. Highly recommend Lisa and Jeff for any realtor needs.


There are not enough words to describe how incredible Lisa & Jeff Anderson are- not just as realtors but as people! We would use them again and again and can, without a doubt, highly recommend them to anyone. We were blessed to find them to sell our mom's condo in Rancho San Joaquin and they were INCREDIBLE from the beginning until the end. From the date we signed on to have them as our realtors-- to the date the money was in our bank-- was only 45 days. It was unbelievable and something that we still cannot believe. Their experience and their selling techniques are unmatched by any other realtors. My mom is actually a broker/agent herself and was amazed at their skills and talent. They worked 24/7 around the clock for us- they would call us late at night to give us updates since that was the only time we had. We were then out of town for most of the escrow and they were the ones to set-up, clean, organize, stage, pack-up, etc. They did more than anyone would have expected and there is no way any other realtors could have accomplished what they did. We also loved how we had 2 realtors for the price of 1! Lisa and Jeff are a perfect balance for each other - they bring different perspectives which is great because it allows you to see all of the options available. Throughout the whole process they listened to us, helped put our mind at ease all along the way , followed up very timely so we were never unsure of where we were in the process, etc. Thank you Lisa and Jeff for making this the most profitable, easy and pleasant selling experience we've ever had!!

-Sheri B.

We chose the Andersons because of their years of experience as realtors. They had just sold a property near ours and had extensive knowledge of local real estate trends. At our first meeting, Lisa and Jeff showed us the sales history of our condo and gave examples of comparable properties that recently sold. They explained their legal roles as agents, fees, taxes, and what we would have to do to prepare our condo for sale. We were impressed with their extensive real estate knowledge, attention to detail, enthusiasm and friendliness. Lisa and Jeff were always up front about changing market values. We had confidence that the price we set was on target. They explained the steps of staging, advertising, selling, inspections and escrow as they occurred. They provided us with feedback from buyers and offered recommendations for repairs when necessary. They patiently took the time we needed to meet and guide us through all the paperwork, as well. Most importantly, the Andersons were responsive and always available to answer our questions or give us a heads up about what would happen next by text, email or phone call. Lisa and Jeff are an outstanding team both personally and professionally and we recommend them as agents without reservation.

-Robin K.

Wow. Seriously where can I even begin here. By pure chance (or fate) my parents stumbled on Lisa's contact info as we were looking for a small starter home for me as a first-time home buyer. To say everything was an absolute match is a complete understatement. The second my mom and I first chose Lisa and were greeted with big hugs and a radiant vibe and laughter, we knew our search for realtors was officially over. Lisa immediately felt like family, and she was on our team and mission to find the best. We immediately built a criteria list, toured lots of homes the very same day, saw the good versus the great...everything I needed to see to know what I really wanted. All the while Lisa made it SO much fun and easy! She prepped everything as our official house tour guide, there is absolutely zero way we would have ever found my amazing new place without her help and confidence. And confidence in home-buying, is everything. Lisa BLEW us away with her expert knowledge of the area. She's an absolute beast when it comes to knowledgeable about all the amazing places in Orange County, and separating the good from the great. Me personally being a local here for decades and knowing exactly the pros and cons of every house and living situation...she mentioned things I did not even think of and I'm so glad she mentioned and revealed to us. Things you wouldn't even think of, she covers them all - saving YOU peace of mind, time, and money on this big decision you are making and knowing you chose the absolute best place for you. When we were ready to make a decision on a Saturday weekend, Lisa's team jumped on everything....THAT DAY. Within 48 hours we had everything submitted and her team was working overtime to make sure we were first in line with an offer and all the edges we would have to make our offer stand out. If it was not for her quick team's response, there's no way we would have gotten this place on our own and would have been beat to the punch. Once our offer was accepted (!) her fantastic husband Jeff and her Zoomed with us and we went over all the paperwork that same day. They broke everything down so easy for us to understand, that there were barely any questions to even ask clarification for at the end. They both showed up to officially welcome me with open arms and excitement and housewarming gifts to make my first day as comfortable as possible, which was beyond sweet. This all happened within 21 days, from finding a house to closing. Just...incredible. Lisa and Jeff, you guys are just awesome, and we are just beyond thankful for everything you and your team did to make this happen for us. We can't wait to celebrate in the near future with you guys and to officially call you our friendly neighbors for years to come. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

-Shaunt K.

Lisa and Jeff are the gold standard for real estate professionals, exceeding all expectations. For the market overview, a comprehensive market analytics was performed with a thorough data analysis in establishing a foundational sale price. An extensive, cohesive, and effective marketing plan was executed in both print and internet media, all the way to staging excellence of the home. Their easy to work with personalities and superior communication skills capped off this gold medal performance in providing both a remarkable and enjoyable experience.

-Toni P.

It was a true pleasure working with Lisa and Jeff to find our perfect home. Lisa was a consummate realtor: patient, kind, personable and understanding. She worked with us for two years before and during the pandemic until we found the right house. Lisa never rushed us or forced the process, and she always made us feel comfortable and heard throughout our search. We couldn’t recommend Lisa and her team enough for your real estate needs. We feel lucky to have found her and appreciate all the ways in which she went the extra mile. Thank you, Lisa!

-Rohi P.

Lisa & Jeff, We cannot thank you enough for your help, dedication and commitment in finding us our perfect home in Southern California. You made the cross country move from Chicago to Orange County effortless and were so insightful on locations, schools, parks, activities, etc.. when we knew nothing about the area. We truly appreciate the time you spent with us, educating us on the market and making us feel ready to make the Big Move. Thank you thank you thank you! Our family could not be happier!


What to say about Lisa and Jeff other than they make house buying extremely easy and fun. They are very professional, knowledgeable, attentive and did I mention fun to work with? My girlfriend and I were searching for “the perfect” condo / townhome and with their guidance, perseverance, and positivity, we did. We always asked them for their honest opinion after a walkthrough, no matter what we thought of the house. We trusted their experience to see the overall picture of the property and surrounding area that we might not have seen as we were walking around a potential fit. Their valuable insight helped us focus and really narrow down the neighborhood and type of unit that we were looking for. Jeff and Lisa know how to negotiate sternly yet fairly with the other party’s realtor as well. The final negotiations were done in a couple of days and escrow was started. We had everything on our end done so efficiently we were able to close a day early. Call Jeff and Lisa, you’ll be glad you did.


Jeff and Lisa were knowledgeable, savvy, compassionate and excellent negotiators during the sale of our home in Tustin, CA. Not only did they stage our home beautifully, they got us top dollar and made the home selling process a breeze. Then they turned around and found me the perfect place in Orange County!! I wouldn't think of using anyone else to buy or sell a home. THANK YOU!

-Jamie H.

Lisa and Jeff were professional, knowledgeable, helpful and (through it all) fun and friendly people. I have bought and sold houses through a number of Realtors over the past 29 years and my recent transaction with Lisa and Jeff was the smoothest and most enjoyable I've ever had. Their comps and gut feelings helped me set the list price for my house. They staged the place beautifully. After a weekend of more than a dozen showings we had four offers, three for more than the asking price. They prepared an excellent matrix to help me objectively evaluate the pros and cons of each offer. In escrow, Lisa and Jeff had many references to call upon for inspections, repairs and handy work. I can't recommend Lisa and Jeff enough. In addition to their professionalism, we became good friends along the way. It was the cherry on top of a highly successful real estate transaction.

-Guy D.

Lisa and Jeff are the power couple you want in your corner. They are literally with you every step of the way. It feels like they're always on standby to help answer any questions we had and they take the time to thoroughly explain the process of the home buying experience. We viewed many homes together and they would always bring to light the pros and cons of each home to help us make the best decision for our family. We were first time home buyers and they were the ones that actually found our dream home for us! We were recommended their way through a friend originally and I cannot say enough good things about the two of them. Truly humble, funny, caring, and wonderful people to work with and I'm pretty sure we talked on a weekly basis if not daily basis. They easily become your best friends through the home buying process and it's always a delight to spend time with them. Thank you guys and we'll definitely be inviting you to our housewarming!

Jennifer C.

Lisa and Jeff are fantastic realtors. I needed a lot of work done on my condo before I could list it. I worked with the contractor they suggested and he was top-notch. Lisa and Jeff were there for me every step of the way and went above and beyond to deal with any issues that arose. We also sold my condo for above asking in three days. Lisa and Jeff are the best.

Helayne P. 

When it comes to realtors, Lisa & Jeff Anderson are the real deal. When we were readied to sell our house in mid-2020 at the tail end of the first wave of COVID, we engaged several local realtors to see what their takes are on the housing market. Many of them gave us their auto-piloted “dog & pony show” with the comps of the area and then advised us to go with a lower price point in hope of a bidding war. With Lisa and Jeff however, they did it differently. Rather than the usual presentation, they actually did a market analysis based on the housing inventory in the past 6 months, the currently interest rate, and the economic outlook. As someone who had moved a few times, we were pretty up to date on the housing market ourselves, and what they said aligned with what we were seeing. So, we decided to go with them, and that was one of the best decisions we ever made. One of the best things about working with Lisa and Jeff is that they work as a team, so, you get twice the knowledge and experience working for you. Plus, they really work with you the entire way from pre-sale to post-sale. They guided us along the way explaining what they were doing and why they were doing it. Also, since we were selling our house in the midst of COVID, they took their time explaining to us how it will work, i.e. no open house, viewing is by appointment and only to qualified buyers. In addition, they actually listen to our input and what we had to say. So, when an offer came in, they actually explain to us why they thought it was a good/bad offer, look for our input and feedback, and then, together, determine the next step instead of the typical “you should take this offer, even if it is significantly below your price point and the house has been sitting in the market for x days” and pressure you to sell so they can pocket their commission and move on to the next house. Lastly, both Jeff and Lisa are very professional yet personable. We always felt they are on our side and are readied to fight for us during the entire sale process. That’s the real professional at work. At the end of the day, we will use Lisa and Jeff again and again without hesitations knowing that we will be well taken care of.


Lisa and Jeff are great! They were both very helpful throughout the whole home buying process. As well coming with us to all of our scheduled home visits, they would also call us about other potential homes that fit our criteria. They were easy to reach via phone, text, and email and always responded right away. Jeff walked us through all of the paperwork and made it easy to understand. They kept us up to date throughout escrow and were in frequent contact with our financial company. Lisa and Jeff are very knowledgeable and answered the many questions my wife and I had. I would recommend Lisa and Jeff to anyone looking to buy a house.


Lisa and Jeff are truly a dynamic duo. Their expertise and hard work cannot be praised highly enough. They handled all aspects of the sale of my condo, as I live in another state. I never once worried about anything. They were excellent communicators and truly went above and beyond for me. They met repairmen at the condo on my behalf and did many things that normally the owner would have to do; cleaning, etc. The property sold in less than a day and they were there for me throughout the entire escrow process. It was seamless! I would recommend them without hesitation.

Michelle M.

"Who could ask for anything more"....from the moment I met Lisa and Jeff I felt very comfortable. As a Marriage and Family Counselor I recognized that this husband and wife team had a good "vibe". They proved their worth from beginning to end when they sold my condo before it went on the open market, saving me the hassle of an Open House and people coming in and out. They went the extra mile providing me with names of movers, etc. and even helped me stage my home using my own furniture....and continued to be available throughout the process. You can't ask for better than that!


Lisa and Jeff helped family members and they were real happy with them so as I wanted to consider different options on staying where I am, doing home improvements or moving to find the perfect place I reached out to them. Without worry about whether or not I was serious about making a move now, they met with me to talk about what I was thinking/wondering about, showed me a number of homes in various areas and were a sounding board to help me figure out what was right for me. Eventhough I eventually decided now was not the right time for me to make a move I was so grateful for their help and will definitely reach out again to them when I am ready to make a move.


Lisa and Jeff … How should we start to explain the relationship we have or how it started? Let’s begin with how it started for the sake of chronological list of events. They were highly referred to us by my wife Claudia’s work friend. Even though I have never met that friend, I should be thankful for causing us to meet them. At that time me and my wife were engaged and getting ready to get married. We met with them for the first time and explained our needs and wants in our future house and tried to give them a feel of our timeframe. Since we contacted them literally three months before the W-Day, we were not very hopeful to be able to find our house before we got married. But we were hopeful. After seeing several (or several hundreds of) houses. We knew what we wanted better. Boy o boy were we so off from what we started from. It took their kind directions for us to realize that. At that time we thought it was us evolving or our thoughts evolving but now I know that we were being illuminated. Finally we found a house we liked a lot in a community we loved. There was a house or “THE” house we like in this community that actually made us look into other units in the neighborhood. “THE” said house was on escrow and had a pending offer and on top it all was even higher priced than our highest of the highest limit. So we thought if we can get this house we can make it work and make it look more like the house we liked. One thing we could not do or make was the view of the “THE” other house had. We were “FINE” (sarcastic) by this. We were not even looking for townhouses at the time. We were told by our friends and family that townhouses especially since they share a common wall with other units and they lack the backyard that a single house would provide, would not get much Return on Investment. At least that’s what we thought we knew. We made the offer on the house that was available and we came really close going into escrow when the seller pulled the house from the market. We were really sad and the wedding was getting closer, now we had exactly 2 months and Claudia almost made her mind that we should cease the house hunting operation until after the wedding. This is exactly the moment when Lisa called and said that there are three other units available in the same complex and we should go and take a look at them that day. A little reluctant a little saddened by the recent experience (since it was my first house, it was very emotional for me) we met with Lisa. She showed us first the other two available house which we did not like as much and finally “THE” house. Yes “THE” house we loved fell from escrow and was available, back on the market but it was not even mark as so yet. We looked at the house and made our decision right there and then. We wanted the house. We could not even wait for us to go home and them to prepare the paper work for us to sign and present the offer. We did not have to. Lisa knowing us so well came prepared and had three sets of offers printed two with two different prices printed and one with no price. We even ended up using one of the ones she put the price on and everything was in motion that moment. We got our house exactly one month before the W-Day and moved in within 2 weeks. We got married in our new house. Hosted all of our family under the same roof and eventually got our two precious babies in “THE” house. But this was not the end of our relationship with them. On the contrary it was just a beginning. They pretty soon became a part of our family. They were there to celebrate with us on special occasions, like birthdays and our baby showers and eventually our kids’ birthdays. They have become Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lisa for them. We introduce them to our friends and within time 4 other friends of them got their houses with their help. Every single one of them were extremely happy with the experience and we all keep recommending them to our friends. Almost eight years after we purchased “THE” house we had to move out of state and we needed to sell the house incredibly fast and move on to our new house in our new state. We did not hesitate on asking our friends Jeff and Lisa’s help to sell the house. I personally might not agree with all their decoration choices I followed them to the dot. We put “THE” house on market and we had multiple offers in four days and we sold our house in record time. So fast that we did not have a house to move into yet. But still good since our friend who purchased her house with their help had a lot of extra room. And the icing on the cake was we have sold the house above asking price and to the highest price in the community. All thanks to Lisa and Jeff.It had been almost 4 months since we moved out of CA and I finally had the chance to sit down and write some heartfelt for our dear friends Lisa and Jeff. I know we are in different states now but our hearts will always be together. Best of luck in everything you do.

Devrim & Claudia E.

After talking with a few other realtors my husband and I chose Lisa and Jeff to help us in the purchase of our first home. We are so glad that we did. They were both so helpful in walking us through the process not only being extremely flexible with their timing to show us homes but they were also so prepared with their research on the homes they were showing us! We could not be happier with the home they found for us and the amazing support they gave us along the way. Even after we bought our home they have been wonderful with checking in with us and making sure that we have everything we need. As a realtor team we could not be more pleased with the wonderful service Lisa and Jeff have given us and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy a home or looking to sell their home. We know that we will be going back to them when we are ready for our next home!


I am happy to recommend realtors Lisa & Jeff Anderson. They combine years of experience to provide an excellent service in a friendly manner. They managed the remodeling, the staging & the sale of my California townhouse, while I was out of state. Before I left California, I worked with Lisa & Jeff to prepare a plan & a budget. They sent me regular pictures & detailed explanations of the progress of the work. The remodeling was completed on schedule and within budget. The staging offered a décor of beautiful contemporary design. I found Lisa & Jeff very helpful in explaining the legal language in the many documents that required my signature. Lisa & Jeff worked effectively in coordinating the efforts of many roles, including: - Representative of the escrow company - Contact at the Home Owner's Association - Vendor who did remodeling - Vendor who did staging - Inspector of property condition - Buyer's realtor - Seller (me). I am glad I chose Lisa & Jeff to manage the remodeling & sale of my townhouse. Carolle Dalley January 2019

Carolle D.

Look no further, Lisa and Jeff are hands-down the best agents you can find whether you're buying or selling! My husband and I stumbled upon their open house when we were just casually looking around. Most agents at the open houses are either too aggressive by asking you a million questions in the limited time you were there, or they don't bother at all if you're not a potential buyer. And they were neither. Long story short, we decided to go with them to sell our condo due to their positive energy and honesty. They helped us get ready for the sale by recommending reliable painter/handyman and staging. We staged our home under Jeff's recommendation to sell faster and for more and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Within a week of the open house, we received a solid offer, unfortunately the buyer had to pulled out due to personal reasons. Lisa and Jeff hosted a second open house that same weekend when our home was re-listed and we received multiple offers (one at the asking price, IN NOVEMBER!) They were so accommodating to our busy schedule and made the whole process stress-free. We closed escrow just days before our wedding, completely satisfied and amazed at the entire process. We highly recommend this dynamic duo whether you are first time buyer or a virtuoso!!!


5 stars is not enough for Lisa and Jeff. Lisa and Jeff are extremely personable, knowlegeble about the market and were there to answer any of our questions night and day. We definitely wouldn't have been able to find our great home in Tustin Ranch without their help, especially since they were able to strike a deal with the seller's agent off market. They also used their contacts to figure out that our Community was VA approved, which the HOA didn't even know and we would have lost the house for sure if we had to go through the process of getting it approved. Having the right realtor makes all the difference especialy in a market like today and Lisa and Jeff are the best at what they do.


Lisa and Jeff Anderson continue to demonstrate strong working knowledge of the market, plus great skills, and wonderful client service. Having known them for years (and I live out of state) they ably set accurate expectations when we did decide to list our property. All recommended vendors, including the excellent staging service, were reliable and reasonably priced. Any buyer or seller would be well represented by this talented team. Thank you, Lisa and Jeff Anderson!

-Laura D.

My wife and I were relocating from New York to Orange County and we wanted to have a house before moving. We traveled to California twice and Lisa and Jeff spent the weekend showing us houses to help us get and idea of what neighborhood we wanted to be in and what we could afford in all of the different areas. While we were in NY, a house came available in the neighborhood we wanted. Lisa and Jeff went to the open house and videoed the entire house as they walked through so we could get a better feel of the house. Then they returned the next day and Face-timed with us - opening every drawer, the closets, showing us the outlets, measuring wall space - they made it like we were there ourselves! We made an offer and Lisa and Jeff were instrumental in getting us to an accepted offer and completing the purchase - all from 3000 miles away!! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Orange County - they are responsive, diligent, conscientious, and kind. They are market experts and added a lot of value to the process for us.

Matt B.

When you are thinking of moving, the stress can become overwhelming. You want someone helping you who has 'your' best interests in mind. Someone who asks you what 'your' looking for, and what 'your' needs are. That someone are Lisa and Jeff. They take the stress out of finding a new place to live. They take their time, and never waste your time. They won't be satisfied until you are. They will continue looking with you until you find exactly the place you are imagining in your mind. It seems like so many people in the world today are trying to take advantage of everyone else. Not with Lisa and Jeff. They sincerely are thinking about you. So much information to digest; so much 'stuff' that sounds like some other language to the rest of us, Lisa and Jeff make it easily understandable. They treat you like family. You can't go wrong choosing them to find your next rental or home purchase.


Lisa and Jeff were great in understanding our family needs and helped facilitate a process with minimal impact to our family. The home sold quickly and we were very happy with the result.

- Jennie A.

Look no further Lisa and Jeff will manage selling and or buying your home with kid gloves and personal service. Whether its a condominium or million dollar home in Dove Canyon. Lisa and Jeff sold two homes for me, since the time I've known them. Knowledge, process, responsiveness are top of the charts. When it comes to negotiation, two thumbs up. Lisa and Jeff will get you want you need. Both are extremely attentive to questions and/or concerns. Talk about extended customer service, Lisa and Jeff assisted not only in the sale but all the numerous details that go into selling your home too. What I like about both Lisa and Jeff is they will both offer their insights for you to weigh the best option that works for you. You will never feel rushed. They truly have your best interest at heart. You will have great peace of mind when you choose Lisa and Jeff. High integrity, high service. Sold!

Laura F.

We stumbled upon our dream home on a random weekend casually checking for open houses. To our surprise we also found two of the best realtors! This duo is a real example of professionalism. They offered to act as dual agents since we did not have a realtor at the time. Jeff represented the sellers and Lisa represented us as buyers. Lisa gave great advice and suggestions on almost every aspect of the sale, including the counter-offer, negotiating repairs, and inspection feedback. She also checked in frequently with us and kept us up-to-date with all forms and deadlines during the escrow process. We felt very comfortable sending an email or text with random questions, and Lisa responded quickly with well thought out answers to all. We enlisted both Lisa and Jeff a few months later; this time to sell our condo. We were first time sellers and they guided us expertly throughout the entire process. They provided their keen insight on how to best add value to our property. We took their recommendations to heart and are extremely pleased how it turned out for the open house. What a transformation! We received multiple offers and above the listing price! Lisa and Jeff took the time to go over the strengths and weaknesses of each offer, and helped us devise a strategy for countering. We knew how busy they were and yet they treated us like their only clients. Always available and in constant contact using calls, emails, and texting without being overbearing. They answered all of our questions thoroughly and promptly, even when we sent texts and emails into the wee hours of the morning. We cannot recommend Lisa and Jeff enough!


We selected Lisa and Jeff to help us sell our home in Irvine and think it was the best decision we could have made! Both Lisa and Jeff were involved in preparing our home for sale, including coordinating painters, stagers and handymen. They went through each room with us and made recommendations that would help us get as much money as possible for our home. They also kept us up to date on the current market conditions as we prepared our home for sale. They did such a great job in getting our home ready for sale. Their first open house weekend had over 150 people and within a week, had received 2 offers! Lisa & Jeff took the time to do a detailed review of the offers with us so that we clearly understood the terms. They were with us throughout the escrow process, keeping us informed with frequent status updates. There was a lot of paperwork that required our signatures, and Lisa and Jeff made sure we understood what we were signing. Because of their negotiation skills, at the end, we got more money for our home than we would have ever thought. They clearly had our best interest in mind. We had bought and sold more than 15 properties in California. Lisa and Jeff are the best. They worked so hard for us and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!


Lisa and Jeff recently helped us sell our house. They did a fabulous job. Very knowledgeable about the area and can answer with confidence any questions that they are presented with... They are a great team to work with and I couldn't recommend them anymore. They are honest and forthright and will hold your hand if you need it... Thank you so much Andersons! When we are ready to buy again...we are going to you. First 🙂

Sandra W.

Lisa and Jeff are great! I highly recommend them. We worked with them buying two houses and selling 1 house. They are very professional and we trust them. They did a very good job on both selling and buying the house. Without hesitation, I recommend Jeff and Lisa!


We met Lisa at an open house in Tustin. It was her warm and friendly personality that made a great first impression. Not only was she extremely gracious, her knowledge of the Orange County area and market was quite impressive. After our initial visit we knew we had found the right real estate agent to help us find our dream home. We began our hunt for a home that could meet our needs in a neighborhood that was up to our standards. Lisa had grasped our overall vision and never wasted our time bringing us to homes that were out of the scope of our criteria. Houses were selling like hot cakes at the time and though we put bids on several we lost out on a few. What stood out to me about Lisa was her gift of encouragement. She would always say, "don't be discouraged, the right house will come along, the house meant just for you". And she was right! We found the perfect house, it was much more than we could of ever imagined or expected in a charming neighborhood. It hit everything on our wish list and more! Lisa and Jeff are a fabulous team. The process was very smooth for the most part, their professionalism, experience and expertise were more than enough to deal with any challenge that came our way. Oh and did I mention, they were always available by phone or in person. We are so grateful to them for the beautiful home we now live in. If your looking for a personable, knowledgeable, no pressure, always available, and just wonderfully "kind" real estate agents, Jeff and Lisa are the best!


As someone who has published seven real estate magazines and sold several personal residences and income properties, I have dealt with hundreds of realtors. Lisa & Jeff are in the top tier, and did an outstanding job in the marketing and selling of my last home. They truly go above and beyond what could reasonably be expected. I recommend them highly.